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FAQ - Current Students

  • 1. What are the requirements in first year in order to be accepted into Financial Mathematics (BUS2016H) in second year?

    To be eligible to register for Financial Mathematics, a student must attain:

    • an average of 60% for first year Accounting courses (ACC1006F/S and ACC2011S or ACC1106F and ACC2111S),
    • an average of 60% for first year Economics courses (ECO1010F and ECO1011S or ECO1110H/F and ECO1111F),
    • 70% for Mathematics (MAM1000W or the average of MAM10005F/H and MAM1006S/H),
    • and 70% for first years Statistics (STA1006S or STA1106H).
  • 2. I completed first year and did not meet the Financial Mathematics (BUS2016H) requirements, what should I do?

    • If you have passed the required first year courses but have failed to attain the necessary marks for Financial Mathematics, you can make a second attempt using your second year marks. You would then need to attain 60% for second year Mathematics (MAM2000W) and a 60% average for second year Statistics courses (STA2004F and STA2005S).
    • You may also repeat a first year course to improve your performance in that course.
  • 3. I completed my second year Mathematics and Statistics courses and did not meet the Financial Mathematics (BUS2016H) requirements, what should I do?

    You are required to change to a different programme.

  • 4. I failed Mathematics 1 (MAM1000W or MAM1005H or MAM1006H) or Statistics 1 (STA1006S or STA1106H), what should I do?

    • You have to leave Actuarial Science and change to a different programme. While it is possible to return to the Actuarial Science programme by meeting the Financial Mathematics requirements, students who fail first year Mathematics or Statistics are in our experience unlikely to be able to do that.
  • 5. I failed Statistics 2004 (STA2004F) or Statistics 2005 (STA2005S), what should I do?

    • If you are currently enrolled in or have completed financial mathematics, you can redo the statistics courses along with any other courses within the third year curriculum that do not require STA2004F or STA2005S as pre-requisites.
    • If not, you are required to change to a different programme.
  • 6. How can I switch to Actuarial Science?

    If you are enrolled in a Commerce degree, you need to meet the Financial Mathematics requirements.

  • 7. How do I switch to another programme in Commerce?

    You should speak to the student advisor of the programme you wish to pursue. From then you will need to download and fill out an application for change of curriculum (ACA09) form. You can also get this form from the Faculty of Commerce Office.

  • 8. Can I switch to Medicine?

    Yes, though you need to consult with student advisors in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and then apply if you are eligible.

  • 9. When can I switch between BCom in Actuarial Science and BBusSc in Actuarial Science?

    You can switch at any time during your studies. It is preferable to make the change at the start of the academic year. The latest date to switch is 3-4 days after marks are released in the year you do the third year courses. In this instance, the application must be made to the Head of the Section of Actuarial Science.

  • 10. Can I get a remark?

    • No. The university policy does not allow for remarks. You may request to view, receive a copy or recount your script. In order to view your script you may contact the convenor of the course. Requests to receive a copy of your script or have it recounted must be made at the School of Management Studies reception (certain charges apply for these two options).
  • 11. Can I join EDU?

    The Section of Actuarial Science does not make decisions regarding who may join EDU. Please contact the Commerce EDU for more information.

  • 12. Can I get ASSA exemptions for subjects I did at another university?

    Yes, but not from UCT. The exemptions can only be granted by the university where the relevant courses were completed.

  • 13. If I was asked to leave the Actuarial Science stream can I return?

    Yes, you can redo the relevant Mathematics and Statistics courses and apply to return to the stream if you have attained the marks required for entrance to Financial Mathematics. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Head of Department.

  • 14. How do I know I am registered for the courses I signed up for?

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered for the correct courses on Peoplesoft. This needs to be done within a week of registration.
  • 15. Do I have to pay fees for a course I have registered for but no longer want to do?

    • If you de-register for a course within the first week of lectures, you are not charged for the course. After the first Friday of lectures, certain penalties will apply.